Aavistus Festival 2022

Aavistus Festival 2022

Aavistus Festival is a biennial of audiovisual art and VJ culture in multiple venues in Helsinki on 6.–9. October 2022.

The festival programme presents local and international VJ performances, audiovisual live performances, projection mapping, workshops, an exhibition of installed works and more, created by over 60 artists from 14 different countries. The 2022 programme focuses on interactive and hybrid works, which involve more than audio and video. 

More information about all the artists and programme: www.aavistusfestival.fi

The festival is organised by Aavistus Festival ry in collaboration with WHS Teatteri Union & Unika Gallery, Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki City Museum, Kunsthaus Jägermeister, Allas Sea Pool, 16 bit Productions, ShopperScreen, Creative Technology Finland, Jokojo, Elektron, Pixelache, Intermediale Festival and Resolume.

Supported by Finnish-Estonian Culture Fund, AVEK, Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point. 

Audiovisual live performances in WHS Teatteri Union

Opening event

Thursday 6.10.2022 18:00–22:00

Tickets 12€ from eventu.al

Audiovisual live performances:

Mikk-Mait Kivi, Emer Värk (EE): Year Without A Summer meets Tactile Distortion 

Post Human Dance AV: Glacies Era

Pink Twins

Aavistus Festival opens on Thursday 6.10.2022 with a lineup of motion tracking, virtual reality, a video game performance and other live visuals.

Year Without Summer meets Tactile Distortion is a technological journey in the dystopian future by Estonian artists Mikk-Mait Kivi and Emer Värk. This hybrid performance uses motion tracking technology and takes place both in virtual reality and on the stage. Available also as an online-only experience. Viewer discretion is advised.

Glacies Era by Post Human Dance is an AV performance exploring the landscape as a metaphor of connection between the mind and the universe. Performed by 3D visualist Maisa Immonen and AV artist Erika Rustamova. 

Pink Twins is a duo of brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen. Their audiovisual live performance creates a constantly changing, detailed wall of sound accompanied by immersive live visuals.

Nordic Lights

Friday 7.10.2022, 18:00–22:30

Tickets 12€ from eventu.al

 Audiovisual live performances:

Julius Norrbom (SE) & Liis Ring (SE/EE): Ukkonen

Maria-Carmela Raso (CA/IS) & 林淼 Sui (HK/UK/SE): 順風 á ferðalaginu

Ari Dykier (PL): Imaginarium.​​

Second evening of Aavistus is dedicated to premieres of collaborative performances. Two pairs of audiovisual artists met for the first time at our Nordic Lights residency in July and created two unique performances exclusively for Aavistus Festival. Besides these we’ll travel through a surreal world of collage animations of Ari Dykier.

Ukkonen by AV artist Julius Norrbom (SE) & musician Liis Ring (SE/EE) is an atmospheric exploration the residence location, town of Joutsa. The local places and stories come to life with 3D graphics, analogue film and field recordings. 

順風 á ferðalaginu is a performance by sound artist Maria-Carmela Raso (CA/IS) & multidiciplinary artist 林淼 Sui (HK/UK/SE). The piece explores language and identity. Multilingual performance with no subtitles encourages the audience to share their language skills with others. 

Polish AV artist Ari Dykier takes viewers through his Imaginarium. The audiovisual performance is a surreal collage of the aesthetic of the 19th century.

Closing event

Sunday 9.10.2022, 17.00-22.00

Tickets 12€ from eventu.al

Audiovisual live performances:

+aave+ (EE): ”it’s so sad and dark in here”

quietSpeaker: remote/displaced


Intermediate (PL): Videosyntezy
Claes Olsson, Esa Kotilainen & Hasse Walli: Echoes of Underground

The festival closes on Sunday 9.10.2022 with audiovisual live performances and screenings connecting Aavistus Festival to different places and times.

Videosyntezy is a selection of video synthesis works commissioned in 2020 by the Polish audiovisual festival Intermediale.

Estonian artist +aave+ creates a longing ambience with witch house and dragged Estonian disco hits. 

The audiovisual duo quietSpeaker take us to a concert for cello, baritone guitar and live electronics taking place in the vast, decommissioned oil tank Öljysäiliö 468. In remote/displaced, the sounds and real-time video from the oil silo are brought onto the stage at WHS Teatteri Union and processed live.

As the last performance of the 2022 festival, the cinema concert Echoes of Underground presents an unforeseen selection of early Finnish experimental film from 1969 to 1971, curated by Claes Olsson. Some of the material has been digitized especially for this screening. The screening is accompanied by live improvised music by Esa Kotilainen and Hasse Walli.

Exhibition in Gallery Unika

Thu 6.10. at 17:00–21:00, Fri 7.10. at 17:00–21:00, Sat 8.10. at 12:00-17:00, Sun 9.10. at 16:00–20:00

free entrance

Shreyasi Kar & Sannimari Honkanen & Jasmine Xie: Hello! Long time no ocean // Haloo? Meri täällä

Pressing a seashell against your ear, listening to the messages of the ocean – did you ever wish you could reply?

Now, the ocean is listening. If you have something you’d like to say, just shout it into one of our shellphones. Your message will travel to a group of sea creatures – see who picks it up! The creatures make excellent listeners and your seacrets are safe with them.

Hello! Long time no ocean is an interactive installation, where the visitor can shout into a sea shell (or “shellphone”), and a sea creature will respond to the sound with light. Like most things, it’s better with friends: The more people making noise, the more colorful it gets.

Sannimari Honkanen and Shreyasi Kar are new media artists brought together by their love for sensors, odd creatures, iridescence and flashing lights. From petting angry robotic spiders at Flow Festival 2018 and in underground labyrinths, the duo now re-emerges to urge you to shout into the deep ocean.