data leap

Algorave Helsinki & WHS Teatteri Union present

data leap

CASSALPOPOLO & julesvisuaalinen
Kalle Rasinkangas
pulu & Twilight Courier
Trauma Responses

glitchy grooves, metamorphosing melodies, turbulent textures, algorithmic ambiences and beyond!

data leap is a celebration of audio-visual art created with idiosyncratic technological methods. we present live performances and an interactive installation showcasing the creative practices of artists working with algorithms, data and electronics.

Algorave Helsinki is a community of people in the Helsinki area interested in livecoding, generative art and related topics.
we organize periodic meetups to share knowledge, ideas and personal projects.

the term ”algorave” (from algorithm + rave) was coined in 2011 by Alex McLean and Nick McCollins, and has since grown from the UK to a worldwide movement.although our community is called Algorave Helsinki, we perform a variety of musical styles not limited to ”rave music”.

Schedule (changes are possible):

17:00 (doors open)

18:00-18:30 codepage

18:40-19:10 CASSALPOPOLO & julesvisuaalinen

19:10-19:30 (break)

19:30-19:50 OH3SD

20:00-20:20 Trauma Responses

20:30-21:00 Forces

21:00-21:20 (break)

21:20-21:50 pulu & Twilight Courier

22:00-22:30 Eilien

Entry only between performances.

WHS Teatteri Union
Siltavuorenranta 18
Tickets: 15 / 10 €

A discount ticket for everyone who feels entitled to a discount.
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“Temporal Passage” installation open 28.2.–2.3.

Installation open / Installaatio avoinna:

28.2. klo 17:00 – 20:00
29.2. klo 17:30 – 20:00
1.3. klo 17:00 – 21:00
2.3. klo 14:00 – 19:30


Walking the fine line between techno beats and ambient drones, this audio-visual journey
will be an exploration of the complement between dazzling light and quiet tones, soft
shapes and pointy sounds, and the interplay between the two.
The performance is a collaboration between CASSALPOPOLO and julesvisuaalinen,
who will be live-coding it on stage, using homebrewed software and hardware.


codepage is a collaborate music project by Malte Steiner and Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, using live coding as a tool to develop and explore rhythmical Industrial music. Complex sonic cycles are weaved together through the synchronization of the two performers, where structures are built up via composed as well as improvised interaction. They will be performing with their new open source live coding software gravel developed by Steiner which enables them to explore advanced sound synthesis.


emotional audio synthesis ~ SuperCollider pop music ~ digital daydreaming
Eilien produces genre-bending ambient music combining text-based coding, field recordings and their own voice. Their debut album Digital Lovers, was released 2021 by Prague based label Genot Centre, collaborating together with Eero Pulkkinen. DJ Mag described the album as a ”10-track trip through glowing ambience, mesmerising dream pop, musique concrète and deconstructed trance”.


Constantly mutating rhythms and sharp digital textures shape the sound of Forces. Forces is the electronic music project of Finnish interdisciplinary artist Joonas Siren. Different live-coding and processing techniques are used to make dense atomized swirls; electronic and sometimes chaotic abstract oceans of sound. Their music has been released on mappa, Infinite Machine, Gin & Platonic, Genot Centre, Conditional and Bio Future Laboratory, and has also been played in mixes by experimental producers like Aphex Twin, Daniel Ruane and ZULI.


Kalle Rasinkangas is a Helsinki based new media artist, working with interactive and virtual art. His works explore the thin border between the physical and the virtual, and the role of the experiencer on the threshold. The new work presented, Temporal Passage, will reveal a world in between, with infinite corridors leading towards something hidden. The experiencer can discover ever changing virtual spaces by opening a door.


OH3SD is a radio amateur who misuses his rigs as musical instruments and effect machines. By transmitting Morse code, radio chatter, and digital data modes between radios on stage, and mixing them with wistful melodies played with chiptune sounds, he forges an etheric, nostalgic, and playful soundscape filled with charged messages. Whereas the radio amateur code of conduct prohibits the discussion of political subjects on the air, OH3SD reminds us that radio waves are never free of political significance.


Helsinki-based musician-programmer pulu, a.k.a. miranda kastemaa, explores the forgotten sonic potential of so-called obsolete technology. With a custom code-jockeying system built on SuperCollider 2 for Mac OS 9, they collapse rifts between past and present to conjure hacker dreamworlds and hypnotic trance-scapes.

Twilight Courier is a visual accompanist, mixing your techno fantasies, The projection of a spectral shadow dancing in the electric haze of the subwoofers.


Trauma Responses presents an audiovisual piece about self-loathing and self-compassion. Macro photos of insects and plants form a narrative field for free association.




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