Gaelle Rouard – live cinema

Come and enjoy live cinema performances by french filmmaker, alchemist and performance artist Gaëlle Rouard.

2011 NB 16mm 20min

The sea foams and bubbles. Gray white bleak everywhere.
Chasms and mountains. Water… only water! And nothing to absorb it all!
Other shattering shock. Brief look round of the chief. The needle progresses unperturbed.
First the sonar!
Water Diving and silver in the depths, lift up to the light and ice. Gaëlle Rouard is at the helm of the ship. Followed her gaze.

2012 coul 16mm 15min

For the cold winter, the pouring rain, the short wavy, the violent storm, the early frost or something like that, if the fall of the leaves is late, if the smoke rises straight, if it falls, if the leaves swirling or if the dust makes the vortex, if the frogs repeated to the swamps their monotonous complaint, and when the prevailing winds become favorable.

2016, 16mm bw&color 36min
Inspired by O.W. himself being by W.S.

Knok Knok Knok
Awake Awake
Ring the alarum bell
Up, up and see.

Knok Knok Knok
Shake of this downy sleep : confusion now hath made his masterpiece,
and damned be him that first cries ’hold, enough’
Knok Knok
Who’s there in the name of Beelzebub ?
Ring the bell !
-such a hideous trumpet-

Knok Knok – never at quiet
what are you ? Who’s there in the other devil’s name ?
Arm Arm and out !
As from your graves rise up
-and look on death itself-

Gaëlle ROUARD (1971, France) is a filmmaker, alchemist and performance artist. Since the early 1990s, Rouard has been making handmade films, specialising in film processing. She is a longtime member of Le 102, rue d’Alembert, a venue dedicated to diffusion and creation of experimental music and film. Rouard also facilitates workshops in different contexts, from art schools to individual teaching. She develops and explores various methods of chemical processing of film. With performances around the world, she experiments with the possibilities of live multi-projection, both in collaboration with various people and in solo acts. Rouard led the do-it-yourself film lab Atelier MTK in Grenoble for 12 years, until 2006
Her work as been shown in various screen all over the world.

Collaboration: Filmverkstaden