Temporal Passage

Temporal Passage (2024)


Where does the virtual world exist? Would it exist without someone perceiving it, or is it purely a dimension made real through experience? We are allowed to look into the virtual world, experience it and interact with it, but we can never fully enter, let alone stay there. We are only visitors in that realm.

In Temporal Passage you are at the threshold between the physical and the virtual. By opening the door, you enter the metaphorical hallway, an intersection of the two dimensions. Each time the door is closed and opened again a new corridor will emerge.

The endless corridors at the border of the two dimensions are a space in between: a place which exists for the purpose of connecting two endpoints. While traversing these hallways, our purpose is to move from one place to another, but does the space itself hold a deeper meaning? Different kinds of passages, both physical and metaphorical, are an integral part of human experience.

The act of opening the door allows the virtual world to seep into the physical through light and sound, but simultaneously the opposite happens. By opening the door the entropy of the physical world will start to effect the virtual, making temporary and permanent changes, changing the experience for the individual in the moment and the collectively for all the future experiencers.

Made with support from the Finnish Cultural Foundation Special thanks to Kirsti and Martti Tuominen

Kalle Rasinkangas is a Helsinki based new media artist, working with interactive and virtual art. His works explore the thin border between the physical and the virtual, and the role of the experiencer on the threshold. The new work presented, Temporal Passage, will reveal a world in between, with infinite corridors leading towards something hidden. The experiencer can discover ever changing virtual spaces by opening a door.



Installation open / Installaatio avoinna:

28.2. klo 17:00 – 20:00
29.2. klo 17:30 – 20:00
1.3. klo 17:00 – 21:00
2.3. klo 14:00 – 19:30